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Recent Articles and Working Papers Relevant to the National Science Foundation and the Social Behavioral and Economic Sciences Directorate

I am honored to help the National Science Foundation advance its vital public mission. Here are a few articles that pertain to the mission. Thank you for your consideration.  -- AL, July 2018

***Main Article***

Arthur Lupia. 2017. “Now is the Time: How to Increase the Value of Social Science.” Social Research: An International Quarterly 84: 689-715. 

***Recent Published Articles***

Arthur Lupia. 2013. “Communicating Science in Politicized Environments.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 110 (3): 14048-14054

Arthur Lupia. 2014. “What is the Value of Social Science? Challenges for Researchers and Government Funders.” PS: Political Science and Politics 47 (1): 1-7.

Arthur Lupia and Colin Elman. 2014. “Openness in Political Science: Data Access and Research Transparency.” PS: Political Science and Politics 47: 19-42.  

Brian A. Nosek, George Alter, George C. Banks, Denny Borsboom, Sara D. Bowman, Steven Breckler, Stuart Buck, Christopher Chambers, Gilbert Chin, Garret Christensen, Monica Contestabile, Allan Dafoe, Eric Eich, Jeremy Freese, Rachel Glennerster, Daniel Goroff, Donald P. Green, Brad Hesse, Macartan Humphreys, John Ishiyama, Dean Karlan, Alan Kraut, Arthur Lupia, Patricia Mabry, Temina Madon, Neil Malhotra, Evan Mayo Wilson, Marcia McNutt, Edward Miguel, Elizabeth Levy Paluck, Uri Simonsohn, Courtney Soderberg, Barbara A. Spellman, James Turitto, Gary VandenBos, Simine Vazire, E. J. Wagenmakers, Rick Wilson, and Tal Yarkoni. 2015. “Promoting an Open Research Culture: Author Guidelines for Journals Could Help to Promote Transparency, Openness, and Reproducibility.” Science 348: 1422-1425.

Barbara R. Jasny, Nick Wigginton, Marcia McNutt, Tanya Bubela, Stuart Buck, Robert Cook-Deegan, Timothy Gardner, Brooks Hanson, Carolyn Hustad, Veronique Kiermer, David Lazer, Arthur Lupia, Arjun Manrai, Laura McConnell, Kevin Noonan, Elizabeth Phimster, Brenda Simon, Kathy Strandburg, Zara Summers, and Duncan Watts. “Fostering Reproducibility in Industry-Academia Partnerships.” 2017. Science 357: 759-761. 

Arthur Lupia, Stuart N. Soroka, and Alison L. Beatty. 2019. "What Does Congress Want from the National Science Foundation: A Content Analysis of Remarks from 1995 to 2018."  Science Advances 6: DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aaz6300


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